Touring and reviews

Hi everyone!


Just a short update on some things that has been going on with us lately.

2013 started really pleasant with our record “Undertowed” being selected to be on Ian Pattersons “Top 10 releases of 2012″ list for Allaboutjazz.com

We also got a late but great review from the Norwegian Jazznytt magazine journalist Arild Rønsen, saying things like :

“I have granted myself some time with my phone switched completely off, in the company of the two gentlemen Ferner and Juliusson lately. I will promise you that anyone who delves into this exercise, will extract and collect energy.
Truly original. Remarkably well played.”
Read the whole thing on our reviews page.
In March/April we debuted a new project called “Improvisations over André Bjerke”, wich is a project combining some of our new original compositions with the poems of the Norwegian lyricist and writer André Bjerke.
On this project we collaborated with Danish saxophonist/flutist Thomas Agergaard for the musical part of it, and opera singers Aleksander Nohr, Ole Morten Velde and Accordionist and generally very multifaceted artist Camilla Barratt-Due, for the reading of the poems.
We went on a 2 week tour with this project in Norway and had a great time!
After that we did another tour in Norway and Denmark with our main instrumental repertoar together with Thomas Agergaard (Saxophones/Div.flutes), Marilyn Mazur (Drums/perc.) and Klavs Hovman (Doublebass/Effects).
We played each our own sets first, and then we had the pleasure of joining the trio again at the end of the concerts for a last set as a quintet playing original music from all of us.
We really hope to do some more of that stuff in the future!
Check them out on www.thomasagergaard.com  www.marilynmazur.com www.klavshovman.dk
Here is a picture of the whole gang in Lillehammer!