The award-winning duo Ferner/Juliusson was established in 2008 while they both lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, their explorations of the unconventional duo format, consisting of acoustic piano and guitar, has received high acclaims from both audiences and critics at home and abroad.
As reviewer Johannes Cornell at Dagens Nyheter, the major daily newspaper in Sweden has described their music: ”It is a painterly and detailed music, exquisitely balanced between improvisation and composition, as well as between chamber music and jazz. Just rarely it sounds like as if the piano and the guitar actually accompanies one another; in my ears, the interplay resembles more of a subtle and somewhat shy couples dance, where conspicuous gestures are executed by one, then in turn the other.”

To be continued by Terje Mosnes at the equivalent Norwegian newpaper Dagbladet: ”What a debut! The two young musicians presents us with remarkable instrumental command and maturity on an album that is impressive in every which way. Ferner/Juliusson establishes an intuitively and tightly interlaced duo expression, but at the same time so dynamic that every note, harmony, phrasing and dialogue gets a room for resonance and an opportunity to breathe.”

In their own words; the focus of this project is about the development of the open communication that emerges from this intimate musical context, besides a deep personal connection and a large musical common ground. The members, native of Norway and Sweden respectively, ascribe i.a. the German ECM label as a major influence, through which many musicians from the Nordic countries have contributed to put Scandinavia on the map of innovative improvisational music.
The duo’s live act consists of their highly characteristic compositions, which are intermingled with spontaneous and playful abstractions as they perform. This flexible interpretation of the music during their concerts leads the duo to constantly discover new variables of the moment, which makes their performance affecting and unique. The critic Roar Helgheim at the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen has concluded: ” To speak of two souls and one thought is not to diminish the distinction between the two, but to precisely express the intuitive, and the way of listening to each other as the means of creating great music.”

In 2010, Ferner/Juliusson won Norway’s national music competition JazzIntro, and was appointed ’Young Professional Jazz Musicians of the Year’. The years following this big honor, the duo has toured extensively throughout Norway and China with great success.

In the spring of 2012, Ferner/Juliusson released their critically acclaimed debut album, ”Undertowed”, on the Norwegian label, NORCD. Currently, they are working on their next release. Stay tuned…


Ferner/Juliusson is : Per-Arne Ferner – Guitar and Per Gunnar Juliusson – Piano.